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Sep 15, 2012 7:00am EDT
will be in the tens of billions beyond 2014. even though libya was the triumph of limited uses of force there hasn't been repeat performance. an easy way to decide wars in their favor. in yemen by now, would have been ushered in by their effectiveness but that hasn't happened. as much as they are important, because all these controversies rightly so they are not always going to be a silver bullet. >> the drones we have today, primarily only e useful in a permissive environment where we have taken out the air defense as we did in libya or there are no air defenses and we own the air space like iraq and afghanistan. that makes these systems able to operate. they cannot operate, vast majority of them cannot operate in a benign environment with service to air missiles to shoot them down and relatively defenseless. if we are going to maintain this advantage we are going to increasingly shift their technology to invest more -- better protected. >> that is an interesting example of a big topic in defense. one of the core questions for the next four to eight years in the air force, in the
Sep 22, 2012 7:00am EDT
just a single crisis management situation. we handled tunisia, libya, egypt and syria. this runs the risk of a meltdown in the middle east. it is a strategic challenge but also a strategic opportunity to try to further emphasize and establish yet another example where sunni and shiite and other minorities are working together to define a common future which is what the middle east needs because elsewhere for hundreds of years the model has been sunni against the at and she again sunni. that won't work. that won't bring stability or a better life for folks and we have an opportunity to establish a different model. we started that in iraq. we need to start that in syria. we need to bring this to an end. >> do you agree? >> i agree with steve emphatically. one of my favorite sayings is virtual presence is actual absence. if you think about how you want these things to come out and we have an interest in that obviously, you have to understand you just cannot sit back and hope. hope is not a strategy. since the fall of the shop of iran particularly in the middle east, the people who have
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2